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laura robertconceptual art



Mixed Media & Sculpture


I'm drawn to objects and materials that are used and worn and I compose them using a variety of techniques and processes that I enjoy. Most of my art is interactive.




Classes & Happenings:


Art for Innovation adult workshops for individuals and organizations. Get out of your comfort zone, gain new insights, and turn ideas into action. You will embrace uncertainty, take chances, and see things differently in this unique hands-on experience that will unleash your creative potential.


Wellesley Community Art Project (WCAP) collaborates with artists, retail property owners and Town officials to add vitality to vacant retail spaces during times of transition. For more on WCAP visit


Making Stuff with Stuff. An assemblage and mixed media arts program using reclaimed and recycled objects. Unconventional materials are the catalyst for this creative process where participants learn a variety of life skills while exploring art history and 3D art concepts, compositions, and techniques. Student artworks are exhibited in a variety of venues.


Member, Wellesley Women Artisans





Thanks for Attending!

Thanks to Natick Organic Farm for hosting my exhibit and to family and friends for attending the reception. Visit the farm for great produce, sweet animals and more. See photos here.

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